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September 24, 2013

I search and read and watch a lot of cool stuff on this topic nowadays and I’ve just realised that this is the place to store it all. (sorry, I haven’t figured out how to do the neat and tidy hyperlinks that are the words in your sentence yet… room to improve for sure!)

I frequently confront self-doubt, especially because this vision is so expansive and relatively left-field (especially for the health system) and I am so seemingly underqualified in this arena but the things that I am reading and watching everyday – inspirational, clever, driven people, who see it the way I do – often make me pick back up and keep on going.

This is Rebecca E. Onie speaking at TEDMED, she is an amazing woman who has set up an organisation called Health Leads which helps patients sort out the ‘upstream’ problems that are causing their illnesses. She’s got volunteer college students to advocate for these patients so they can get their heating turned back on, or get food, or get the mould irradicated from their damp appartments.

And I got on to Health Leads, after reading this Paul Farmer’s review of what sounds like a very good book called The Upstream Doctors by Dr. Rishi Manchanda. They are talking about social medicine. Social Medicine. So it has a name!

Otago University teach a course in Preventive & Social Medicine.

The other guy I’ve just watched on TED is Eric Dishman  and both very good talks. He’s a great speaker and a very clever man with great ideas. And like all of them, he is saying unequivocally; our system of ‘health’care is completely broken and outdated. We must change it.

I don’t necessarily think it is the job of ambulance to change it, but if we can help to move it in the right direction, then shouldn’t we do that? And we do all need to get involved and engaged, we can’t keep waiting for someone else to do it for us.


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